Monday, 6 June 2011

it been long long time i didnt update my blog
i get hurted..
i learned from it..
i must be tough
nowaday i know tat i very unhappy of my life..
bt i'm alone
from my family from my job from my BF
bt whos know n who care
i hide it all
i mute, i yield, i quit!!!
bt i dont lose

i need a mask
sometimes i cry in the middle of night
i cant share anything to anyone
coz no one wil understand it
no matter wat had happpen
i keep smile
u wont see me cry
those sadness juz i wil know
coz its life

no matter i happy or sad
life still goes on
time still goes on
i will keep on show my smile whether its sincere

now i just need money..
i realize time is a money
i cant waste
i cant miss any chance!!
i wont simple show my emo & ego anymore

i hav my plan, i cant share
i wanna prove to world
imma gone
i wont back til i success
i hav my dream..
i'll reach it

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