Sunday, 3 April 2011


now a day many people lack of time to update da blog.. including me
busy of my life.. but gain nothing in my life
feel like wanna hav a new life at a new place
but not sure if i can do it...
where can i find a new job tat really suit to me?
without arguement , with peace..
no idea =(

I'm yearning those days..
especially tat day...
i like the moment tat juz belong to me
1st time i live my life alone without phone at a stranger place n
i did many things tat i never do b4... i like tat feeling
nobody knows wat i hide for n wat happened on those days but me... ^^
i'll keep it deep into my heart coz tats my 1st experience
i very enjoy my off day n my annual leave.. really
n 1 for sure i very happy

Gud news... now i'm reserved for someone..
reserved for someone who really very care about me
suddenly my life no more scandal..
so hard to accept it... =(
hope i deserve wat i paid.

so miss u rite now... =)