Sunday, 21 November 2010


就这样的 我算是熬过了吗?
我有种想辞职 什么都不做的感觉
就这样的 我今天放了好多次空
把自己弄忙 不想呆在家
回家的路上 觉得今天的天空很美丽
live my life yea~

Friday, 19 November 2010


i'll be alright within 3 days
sure i can do it!!
tats juz a small matter
my life still goes on yo
i wont let small matter make my life bcum suck
n i really very lazy to pretend
be friendly yea~

Saturday, 23 October 2010

22 oct

22 oct is my lucky day
i learned a new thing
n i can handle it
whoa hu~
n.. da most important is .. tat i hav a nice day
2day sumone is on leave
i quite boring
bt my sale is okay lor..
next monday wil transfer new staff
wat wil it b?
juz look forward yea...

Friday, 15 October 2010


juz now v hav a long talk
bt i tot u nt fully understand me
i wish v wil hav a long talk again

someone is tried to break me down
thx 4 urs action yea
stupid chick!!!
ur reaction made me noe who is my enemy
cha can keep going shoot me
do u think tat i wil care watcha said?
Nope sry!!
cha better fight me off bfore i knock cha now..

congratulation to my sis yea
u get a high position d...
bt i wil get it soon~

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

12 oct

sumthing happened again
all the things tat happened to me all my training
i'm learning to solve all
wat i want is nt only these
everyone has ambitions
i want out of box

so i tried nt to let little things bother or distress
i dont know tat would ruin my life or to help me succeed
bt i noe i hav no choice
i gotta do tat
so i hesitate to continue to move forward!!!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

juz sumthing bout yesterday

i'm juz a little rude gal
i dont hav da power to change everything
u noe wat.. i'm sick n tired
sumtimes i can stop for sumthing to happen.. bt i didnt do
when after da event
i began to recall wat occured at tat time shouldnt b so
i'm talking bout my love n my life

my love
it is so extraordinary
it is speacial
yea really
it for sure
it makes me stress
n u wil never noe it
v hav problem of communication
i can do nth
so i'm speechless

my life & my job
my job taught me a lot
n my life is ful of rock
i noe it

i stil nt mature enough
n my life is incomplete
i wil keep on seacrhing~

nth wil last forever~

Friday, 8 October 2010

New Blog Again

here i am created a new blog again
for me.. tis time i tryna made it look simple & nice

i wanna say..tat tis few months i stil da same
nth changes
it is gud or bad?
bad i guess...
coz tat means i didnt make any progress

about my work
tat is a dangerous place..
u can c many type of human
ppl around u wil tried to break u down
or make u in trouble
u wil noe how fake of others ppl
i nid to learn how to handle it
coz tis is life~